EDC Folding Knives
On Belay
Knife makers often lament that NAMING a new knife is the hardest part of making new knives! We agree, but not in this case! As the lines of this design came together, the prominent slotted back strap just screamed “Mountain Climbing Gear” and with Greg having spent some time hanging on a rope rappelling, the On Belay was born. The false edged drop-point blade is a beast and ready for whatever you have to offer. The thumb opening slot on the blade keeps the part-count down and besides…the knife flips like it’s on ball bearings. This knife and its full-sized handle just surprised us all in 2017 and has emerged as a new favorite for MKT supporters around the world.

Total Length: 9.25"
Blade Length: 4.125"
Blade Thickness: 0.190"
Blade Width: 1.5"
Scale Thickness: 0.1875"
Total Thickness: 0.625"
Closed Length: 5.25"
Weight: 9.6oz
Additional Feature
Folding Blade Options
Base Price
$550.00* USD

Product Rating:

Name: Jake smIth
Gave a rating of: 4
Made this comment:
Maximum rating 4 stars!! I went through the overbuilt knife stage but couldn't satisfy both fit and finish and monster valt feel. So I switched to traditionals for their lovely craftsmanship and decent weight. Then I came across an on belay video on YouTube by Greg and was sold. The only thing was, I read other reviews saying they were afraid Medford's wouldn't live up to their expectations but then actually exceeded them greatly. what if mine didn't?đŸ˜¬(Oh it did! đŸ¤£)đŸ‘
on: 05-19-2017 21:47:42
Name: Cody DeMarco
Gave a rating of: 4
Made this comment:
Words can not explain the Quality fit an finish. When you open these knives you can tell they are built to last and tear shit up. Any 1 of greg medfords knives will last you a life time. You only need to buy 1, but after you get your first Medford knife I bet you will find a reason to order another one an another. There that bad ass
on: 08-12-2017 00:31:14
Name: Ryan Freeman
Gave a rating of: 4
Made this comment:
Great knife. Fit and finish is second to none. There is absolutely no play between the blade and the handle, SOLID. Pocket clip is great and it feels much smaller than it looks in the pocket. Blade is razor sharp. Thank you, I will be buying another knife soon and Medford will get my business.
on: 09-12-2017 18:25:21