EDC Folding Knives
Praetorian T ***Available in Left-Handed Configuration***
Elite Emperors Guard Praetorian Guards were elite men chosen from the Legions of Rome to serve as personal protectors of the Emperor. The MKT Praetorian Ti is just such a knife. This awesome design is topped only by the strength of the materials from which its made. .190 blade thickness, .125 thick solid Titanium frames and .250 pivots and hardware make this a knife like no other. Beautiful form and function, unsurpassed reliability and 2000 years from now archeologists will be amazed by the hand tools we once crafted.
All Praetorian variants come with a D2, NP3 coated tempered-glass breaking pommel. We have extensively tested these tips and you find them utterly dependable and 100% functional. No gimmick. No variations of this breaker, in material or form, will be done by MKT as it is meant to be an emergency lifesaving feature and not for ornamental appeal. If testing wear hand and arm protection as overexertion will ABSOLUTELY result in cuts to the hand and arm.

Although profile dimensions are identical, note the thickness differential between the Standard Praetorian and the Praetorian Ti.

Total length: 8 15/16"
Blade length: 3.75"
Closed length: 4.9"
Blade thickness: .190"
Scale thickness: .125"
Weight: 9.3oz
Folding Blade Options
Folding Special
Hardware Package
Locking Side
Non Locking Side
Base Price
$700.00* USD

Product Rating:

Name: Dan Atkinson
Gave a rating of: 4
Made this comment:
I have been a knife collector for 25 years, I have NEVER been more happy with a companies dedication to HIGH quality as well as hands on CS ! You people are awesome. Greg, Amy Medford I can't say enough about how great you two are. You will probably never see this, but I hope some of your potentual customers do. Thanks Dan Atkinson
on: 02-28-2015 02:05:15
Name: eugene
Gave a rating of: 4
Made this comment:
This blade just a masterpiece. I've read the description before ordering, but OMG the thickness of the blade and overall sturdiness. I've used it on camping couple of times and I just couldn't stop chopping branches and twigs. You HAVE to wear gloves though. The inertia of the blade is so huge that the thin handle bites your fingers.
on: 07-31-2015 08:27:47
Name: Bill Yester
Gave a rating of: 4
Made this comment:
I have been making and customizing knives, primarily folders for over 25 years. Over that time, I've taken apart to repair, modify and refurbish hundreds of knives, from $30.00 imports to high-end customs from famous makers. I can say, without hesitation, that Greg's folders are the best-built, highest quality knives with the tightest tolerances I have ever seen. If you want a true SHTF knife that you can trust your life too, buy a Medford. I carry one everyday and they have never let
on: 08-18-2015 15:43:51
Name: Rad
Gave a rating of: 4
Made this comment:
Bill Yester turned me on to the Praetorian . I must love them I own 4 . Carry one 90% of the time . There is just nothing else that feels quite like the Praetorian. Carries so well to be such a large knife . Try one , you will buy another . Thanks Greg for such a great knife.
on: 09-15-2015 07:33:43
Name: Jeremy
Gave a rating of: 4
Made this comment:
I own the all black PVD coated version with flamed hardware. Like it . Rated a 4 for the overall build, quality and function. Pvd coating has not rubbed off at all yet.
on: 11-23-2015 23:16:11
Name: Tom Terry
Gave a rating of: 4
Made this comment:
I can classify this knife as a serious survival and defense tool, the perfect SAR & LEO knife for sure. The knife is big, but feels great in the hand, with or without gloves. Every inch of this knife screams "to be used". American made, therefore you receive exceptional quality in materials and craftsmanship. Although this is my "teething knife" (I am in waiting for my custom Praetorian Ti to be built and shipped) I use this knife as EDC and on all missions.
on: 12-19-2015 09:46:55
Name: Scott Green
Gave a rating of: 4
Made this comment:
I can say with 100 percent conviction and honesty that my Medford knives are the best I have ever owned/used. The tight tolerances, attention to detail and quality control are evident once you handle these knives. Definately money well spent, I have no doubt that my MKT knives will do everything asked of them. My thanks to the crew at Medford Knife and Tool, you guys are doing it the right way!!!!!
on: 02-06-2016 11:43:33
Name: Dustin tole
Gave a rating of: 0
Made this comment:
Awesome knife!!!! Just harvested the biggest hog of my life, 350 lb'er. Rock hard hide an inch and a half thick. My praetorian T cut through it better then any EDC I've ever had! These are hard working USA knives just like our forefathers! Thanks Greg and Amy! Keep up the great work!!!!
on: 03-19-2016 13:59:15
Name: Bob murray
Gave a rating of: 4
Made this comment:
The Pretorian T was my first MK&T purchase and all I can say is wow! This thing just bleeds precision and smells of quality. Thanks for making a phenomenal tool.
on: 09-23-2016 23:47:05
Name: Walter Pospischil
Gave a rating of: 0
Made this comment:
I have bought the tanto version from Rob Dreno of Sartools.de. The Pretorian T was my first Medford-knife and I love to EDC it, even though it feels a little heavy in my trousers pocket ;). I want to rate it with a 4 and do highly recommend it to other customers. Thanks to you, Greg and to your staff members. Have a Merry Christmas!
on: 12-21-2016 18:48:57
Name: Jim webb
Gave a rating of: 4
Made this comment:
Cannot say enough great things about my MKT Praetorian T, This knife is one that I've always seeked to own and very glad I purchased. The quality, the massive size and shape, and just knowing where this knife was "born", continues to blows me away every time I pull it out of my pocket and hold it. Sometimes I catch myself just staring at it in awe! Greg and Amy Medford & staff at MKT make a great beast of a knife that's worth every dollar they sell them for. Thank you MK
on: 12-24-2016 18:09:32
Name: Shane Wood
Gave a rating of: 4
Made this comment:
The Praetorian T is hands down the best knife I have ever handled. The fit and finish is perfect. It's a huge beast of Badassness. It came razor sharp. Thanks to Greg and his team. MKT Crew 7393
on: 12-26-2016 05:23:28
Name: Ethan McKinney
Gave a rating of: 4
Made this comment:
The Praetorian T is the best knife I have ever held in my hand. It is really the perfect size for my hand and the gimping makes for excellent grip. It is very smooth to open and close. This can be done one-handed quite easily. MKT confirmed my order and payment quickly, gave me a lead time and (even with the expanse of their business the past year) they delivered directly in the middle of the lead time. The knife is gorgeous and I will carry it almost every day. Thanks!
on: 02-13-2017 13:20:47
Name: Jeremy ellias
Gave a rating of: 4
Made this comment:
I have been collecting knives for years and have many high end customs. I bought a Pretorian t and I am blown away at how awesome this knife came out. I'm rarely without criticism. The Vulcan finish is so Incredible it rivals my art knives. The attention to detail and fit and finish are truly superb. This is the first time I have ever written a review because I am so impressed. Customer service through the entire process was awesome. I will be buying more Medford knives.
on: 04-06-2017 04:08:39
Name: elemen0hpee
Gave a rating of: 4
Made this comment:
I ordered a LEFTY and it came out perfect. I've had the Praetorian about 8 months now and it is smooth as silk, tough as nails and easy on the eyes. I opted for the Vulcan blade and not only does it look great but the D2 steel holds a great edge. I own a lot of custom knives but this big dog gets a ton of pocket time and for good reason, it can handle what ever I throw at it. Definitely recommended.
on: 07-12-2017 23:13:49