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  1. Chris Kiez says:

    Recently received my first Medford, the 187 DP. I wanted a dimple drop point blade—I don’t care for tanto blades or semi-sheepsfoot designs. After reading negative bitching on Bladeforums, I came to the conclusion that 95% of the people bitching and criticizing online had probably never even handled one, let alone owned one. Like most inadequate people who complain to join the crowd of negativity.

    The knife came in a box with Medford patches, etc. The knife was in a zipped, sturdy black fabric storage pouch. When it tumbled out of the pouch into my hand, I was very impressed.

    It’s a terrifyingly beautiful piece; heavy but not unwieldy, pure, milled titanium thicker than any scale I’ve ever seen on a knife. A beautiful flame anodizing on the presentation side. The Frame-lock is huge; a massive bar of titanium that pins the blade open with no play. None.

    The blade (no PVD, I prefer bare metal) arrived shaving sharp and ground by hand (you can see the human touch). It balances perfectly in the hand, I assume Greg Medford pushed iteration after iteration of the design until it sat perfectly in the hand, reverse fighting grip or standard straight grip.

    I own an industrial manufacturing company; I know how damn hard it is to get perfect tolerances, let alone to please tens of thousands of customers, each with different grips, hand sizes, preferences.

    For all the asshats out there who never designed a thing, who never built anything more than a go kart in Cub Scouts, these basement knife “experts” who can rattle off powdered metal combinations from reading on the internet webs and who dismissively insult Medford knives are pathetic. If you have serious and demonstrable experience in manufacturing design and execution, then offer criticism. Otherwise, the Medford critics remind me of those artsy fartsy food critics who slam every restaurant they visit to show what a big, important deal they are. But like any critic, they know the price of things but never the value.

    I’ve have a CRK Sebebza with Damascus blade, and honestly I was never real impressed (may sell). The closest thing to EDC knife perfection for me, among my Spydercos, Hinderer, Benchmade Gold, Olamic and others, was Arno Bernard knives, better than CRK for me. And then came my first Medford.

    I’ve handled it and cannot get a bad grip, no matter how I use it. I feathered a piece of kindling with no effort, the blade easily making fire starter. Slicing 1/4” branches off trees in the path on the morning walks, simple. Shreds cardboard (so aggressively it pulls the knife in), cut dynamic para-cord for my boat, and a few other things.

    As I continue to use the 187, I’m amazed by the absolute strength, the terrible beauty and magnificent danger it poses. And am forever glad it’s in MY hand. Not someone else’s.

    I’m a professional, in a manufacturing business that has little room for error. Greg Medford is clearly in a league of his own in the designs he produces. The bitching, the hit piece reviews….bullshit. Try one for yourself and you’ll immediately smile big, eyes wide, and the chattering basement dwelling mommas boys who want to pass false rumours about a knife they never handled… you’ll look at those reviews and laugh your ass off.

    Greg, I’ll be saving up for another Medford, ideally custom. Incredibly well executed, also props to DLT Trading for incredibly quick shipping.

    Buy a Medford knowing you’re getting the Rolex equivalent of a tough yet elegant legacy tool. Life is short. Get your Medford.

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