One thought on “Greg Delivers Speech at 1st & 2nd Amendment Rally

  1. Guy Cozzi says:

    Thank you for your service Greg AND your words. It’s refreshing to hear. I live in commie Illinois and have watched my state crumble around me. I am raising three God fearing, America LOVING sons in this hellhole. We aren’t running we are staying and fighting. We are vocal, engaged, and proud of our values and of our roots. My sons have been discriminated against , attacked, and the people here try their best to indoctrinate them. None of that sways them or makes them comply with the absolute ridiculous nonsense they spew. My middle son (19 yo) is going to be a police officer and he is proud of that (and I am proud of him). I just bought him a smooth criminal for Christmas. I want to thank you for making these awesome tools and pieces of art. We LOVE them and will be saving for many other models. Just wanted you to know you have a Medford family in Illinois FOR LIFE! When my son unboxes his smooth criminal on Christmas morning he is going to have his mind BLOWN! Keep up the great work and the mission and thank you again. I hope you and your family have a fulfilling and blessed Christmas.

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