5 thoughts on “Guns and Knives!

  1. Scott Jamieson says:

    could not afford one so maybe I can go on what I have seen in photos
    Stands out from other makers as having its own unique style
    Edges look crisp but not too sharp
    Blade level below overall handle level so blade does not get in the way too much when cutting
    fasteners don’t look cheap which you often get even on more high end knives
    blade hole is large and more importantly long
    logo not too obtrusive
    thumb stud sits in a niche when blade is open
    sabre grind does not go halfway up the blade but a halfway representation is made
    jimping on handle melds into blade
    divits on handle scare seem to approximate and mirror jimping on top of blade
    could say more but maybe that’s enough you maybe get the idea that I appreciate this was very skillfully designed and made

  2. Andrew Benjamin says:

    I have several Medfords, an Arktika, which I think is a revolutionary design https://tinyurl.com/2gtn85ch; as is the Praetorian, which I think is as well-balanced. I think of my Praetorian as I walk among the Roman ruins in the Castle District in Budapest, Hungary, and just north of it, Aquincum, a Roman city https://tinyurl.com/2qq7k8l2 .

    Both knives are literally as tough as steel. The Roman Praetorian Guard never had it this good.

    And Americans who might visit Budapest will never have it this good either! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukNpq1cLsCk Just ask Tucker Carlson… Or me! https://tinyurl.com/yb7fojbn

    I wish Medford brought the Arktika back, for people who like the large, the novel, and the very tough.

  3. Kyle says:

    [email protected] says:
    My favorite Medford I’ve experienced so far is my Marauder H ti with the Bronze/Purple American flag and a PVD finish on the handle and blade. This piece has a truly overbuilt but elegant feel to it, like the Roman Colosseum. The engineering and artistry that has gone into this knife resonates throughout it’s beautifully contoured lines and sturdy frame. The Praetorian ti is the flagship model for MKT but if you haven’t already, you absolutely need to add the Marauder to your watchlist. Keep up the INCREDIBLE work, MKT!

    Signed, a thankful vet.

  4. Chris Fitzgerald Smith says:

    I recently purchased a Praetorian T. It’s hand sculpted predator and the hardware is flamed blue. It’s an absolute work of art. I fing love it so much its insane. I keep it in its box and take it out and fondle it from time to time. It definitely my favorite knife and won’t be the last one I purchase. Keep it up MKT.

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