3 thoughts on “MKT & ASK at 2022 Blade Show

  1. Shawn Simpson/ Ghost_Malone_EDC says:

    This guy😂, what a clown, probably carry’s a ozark trail in orange camo Walmart special, the ones made in China by slave labor and then sold too a crooked company that limits supply of groceries to the American People. Bro I wasn’t even gonna say anything, but decided it was definitely worth the time because I know you’ll be checking this post every day to see if you got a reaction to appease your fluffy buttplug wearing self.

  2. James says:

    I have done alot off business with knife center. After them joining in with cancel culture I let them know I would no longer support them. Sad that the majority of people can’t see what really happens in this world. And would rather support a regime no better than Nazi Germany, than an American Patriot. Thanks for the awesome knives and being unwilling to be silent about the truth. Greg Medford for President.

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