Custom Belleau Wood The Fighter™ & Fighter Flipper™ SOLD


The Belleau Wood knives are a special coming together of friendship, brotherhood and plain luck. The
battle that took place on this hallowed ground repelled an invasion of Paris and solidified the existence of
the United States Marine Corps. Heroes were found and multiple Congressional Medals were earned
during this great WW I battle, which defines the very heart of the living Marine Corps and every United
States Marine that’s worn the uniform since.

To find one’s self in battle is a frightening task and one every Marine leans into hoping they live up to the
legend of the men that fought before them at Belleau Wood.

The stand of forest today is sacred ground and it is illegal to remove wood or relics from the historic site.
This exceedingly rare wood was given by the groundskeeper to his son… an American Marine, and then
given to a mutual friend and former Marine. My friend Dan graciously shared the very small batch of
wood that fate delivered to his doorstep, and it is now part of these very limited edition knives

Greg Medford