From: $495.00

“The Professional Series™” by Medford Knife.  No frills classic construction, CPM® steels, modern designs, titanium hardware, leather sheaths and no compromises.  MADE IN USA knives for discerning users and sportsmen alike.

  • Perfect fit, form and function
  • CPM® steels for maximum performance
  • Modern ergonomic handles
  • Proprietary titanium handle hardware to last forever, corrosion free
  • Classic professional grade leather sheaths
  • Classic oxide or bright finish for maximum utility and maintenance
  • Professional grade construction without collector grade complications
  • Warrantied forever in new or used original condition

The “Pro Series by MKT” is a collection of our best and most popular designs with the addition of some new designs.  We have brought our years of knife design and making to this intersection of simplicity and utility.  Elegant, brutal, classic and avant-garde designs built in a sophisticated yet straight forward way.  Gone are complexities and elements of our “custom” style replaced by a minimalist aesthetic and pragmatic approach to bringing man’s oldest tool to your hands.  From the sheath and grip all the way to the hair popping razor edge is a fully engineered experience.

There is an ancient relationship between humans and edged tools.  Since the dawn of our history we have used them to create the very things that define us; our food and our shelter.  Archeologists revel at Stone Age tools across the globe because the greatness of a society or tribe can be judged by its tools and things it accomplishes with them.  What knife should you carry?  Don’t leave it to chance or some nameless faceless hunk from a bargain bin.  Have it be a knife that speaks to you, to quality, to your discerning judgement, to your seriousness and intention.  What knife helps define you?  How will you shape the World?  Be formidable, be dangerous, be kind and be ready…the Pro Series™ from Medford Knife will be there with you and deliver. GM