BLADE Show 2023 Limited Edition Tee


If you thought last year’s shirt caused some excitement and got the internet keyboard warriors and reddit trolls all cunstipated and apoplectic, wait till you see this one.  Provocative, fomenting, evocative is what you’ll find.  For those of you who are besotted with Greg grab a few and for those that find him intractable then this shirt isn’t for you.  Rejoice in our American freedoms and vote with your dollar(s), it’s ALL that still matters.  Just ask AB InBev, FOX news, etc.  Year after year we get hundreds of requests (last year even more) to purchase our BLADE Show GAW shirt.  So, here’s your chance…this will be the only place you can purchase what is sure to be another milestone in political satire that only ardent patriots will appreciate. Limited Edition of 500.  These will not be given away at BLADE Show.  It will be unveiled after BLADE Show.  All items will ship after BLADE. Final design subject to change.

For those show attendees waiting in line don’t worry we still have something cool and different this year.  Instead of leaving with something on your back you’ll have something in your pocket…