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A Medford Knife & H. Gerstner & Sons Collaboration

Our custom Knife Chest is based on a Gerstner classic with its roots intertwined in their history. The inspiration came from the retired Style 41 series, their most popular model from the 1920s through 1980s. The Chest features Gerstner’s finest advancements: more durable hardware, an upgraded finishing process, stricter tolerance in their manufacturing techniques plus taller and deeper drawers. The MKT/Gerstner Knife Chest was custom made to our specifications with a drawer layout designed to accommodate your folding and fixed blade knives. Our one-of-a-kind design features custom co-branded original MKT/Gerstner logo, drawer labels and a MKT lasered mirror in the top well. From the American walnut, red felt, nickel hardware and leather you will see no expense was spared in bringing this ridiculously cool project to fruition.  Approximate dimensions are 14″ tall, 10″ deep and 20″ long.

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