Praetorian Ti Box Set (Private Offering)


Praetorian Ti Box Set

1-Praetorian Ti

1-Praetorian Genesis Ti

1-Micro Praetorian Ti

3 knives, All Maker’s Discretion (MD).  Your individual set WILL have design continuity.  A deposit is now required.  Non-cancellable, no refunds, no changes, non-transferable, no flipping, etc.  20 sets are confirmed.  Price is $6,000 USD.  This is an exclusive private offering not intended for public distribution. By paying deposit you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set forth herein.  Standard Ti Configuration, Blades .260″ and handles 3/16″.  Pictures included for display, reference purposes only.  Please do not infer any design ethos from them. Any questions, call Geoff at 623.249.4506, codeword “Box”.

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