The Thorn is a chisel ground tanto design meant for deep concealable carry. This is a neck knife that is as utilitarian as it is lethal. Made with S35VN steel, the simple lines make it easy to sharpen and integral tang/handle truly keep it simple. Use of a lanyard aids in the quick no-slip drawing of this knife. Always draw neck knifes in a single non-bouncing snap away from the body using the neck cord to retain the sheath. Do not attempt 2-handed slow draw of the blade or stabbing to the stabilizing hand or body may result. ONLY AVAILBLE IN PVD COATED S35VN MILL SCALE STEEL

This new version comes with beefy milled G10 handles and a standard hand formed kydex sheath with a sliding/adjustable paracord. The overall length is 5.8″ with a 2.75″ cutting edge.

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