WIN a KNIFE!!!! At MKT we don’t celebrate just one National Knife Day, we celebrate MEDFORD National Knife Week! So starting Monday until next Thursday we are going to give away some Medford Knives! Winners will be announced next Thursday! All you have to do is a review of your favorite Medford knife and post it here in the Anti-Social Media Page.

57 thoughts on “WIN a KNIFE!!!! At MKT we don’t celebrate just one National Knife Day, we celebrate MEDFORD National Knife Week! So starting Monday until next Thursday we are going to give away some Medford Knives! Winners will be announced next Thursday! All you have to do is a review of your favorite Medford knife and post it here in the Anti-Social Media Page.

  1. Felix says:

    I first came became aware of Medford knives from the dealer that is not too far from me. While I have yet to be able to purchase one for myself– the dealer lets me fondle the knives when I come in. The Praetorian is everything a folding knife should be. I love the mass, weight, and feel of the knife. Definitely a dream knife for me that will 1 day be in my pocket.

  2. Shawn Simpson/ Ghost_Malone_EDC says:

    My favorite Medford is the Smooth Criminal. Mine I got from SMKW on my 40th birthday this year from my vacation my fiancé took me on for my 40th celebration. It was amazing. It’s has Yellow handles, PVD coated blade and pocket clip, and flamed anodized hardware. The flipper tab is the perfect size to not cause any hotspots. Its in that size range that’s easily concealed and the PVD coating is perfect for when your in places people might be offended “who cares anyways” and your trying to keep it discreet because your a gentlemen, lol. I love the color, and that Medford quality is unmatched in my opinion. It’s my favorite one due to the circumstances I’m getting it, it being my 40th birthday and it being the first vacation I’ve been on in 22 years. I don’t have small hands but they aren’t massive and the Smooth Criminal feels like it was made specifically for my hands. Very drop shutty with that button lock, no blade play whatsoever, and dead spot on centering. The type 2 anodizing on the handles is crazy strong, I dropped it on some rocks while hiking in the mountains and stomped on it “yes on purpose” to keep it from falling down a super steep drop off, I thought for sure I F’d something up and when I picked it up, I wiped it down and nothing, absolutely nothing, not even a scratch. I’d call that quality beyond anybody else’s. Very fidget friendly as I find myself often sitting on the couch opening and closing it. I’ve been around other knife people and they start showing what they have, usually Gerbers, some Benchmades, and when I show em my Medford it’s usually them saying “I wish I had one”. Even though it’s not a deep carry pocket clip, the knife sits good and deep due to where the clip mounts on. The built on lanyard tube is a cool touch, I personally don’t use them often, but sometimes I like tying one up and rocking it for a few weeks so knowing I have that option is cool. And it’s place out of the way as not to cause hotspots on my hand. Just a joy to carry. I’m from a small town in Iowa, we love pocket knives, and having a Medford in my pocket kinda makes me feel like my knife can probably handle more than what everyone else is carrying around here lol. The flamed anodizing on the hardware is crazy, I have no idea how Medford does it so evenly and different colors on one screw but somehow the dudes doing the flame anodizing are top notch out in Arizona. Don’t see any other companies doing what they do. Pocket clip has stayed nice and tight, and is easy to get in and out of the pocket but somehow doesn’t slip out or even move, well done. The only knife I can compare it to size wise is a Bugout, but the Smooth Criminal is like a Bugout on steroids, with a million times more quality and class. I’ve never had any issues with any hardware coming loose, or having to tighten up a pivot, I mean this thing just goes a goes. It has a very comfortable weight coming in at 3.53 ounces and carry’s super comfortable. I love teaming it up with my ASK for that “I can handle anything” carry. Check one out for yourself. Favorite Medford is the Smooth Criminal.

    Shawn Simpson/ Ghost Malone EDC

  3. Johnathan nghiem says:

    Just recently got into the knife game stumbled I upon medford praetorian genesis t, then fell in love with the praetorian line up and the medford bug bit me, now I have a few ti fafs and everything in between my favorite is a praetorian ti predator sculpted the build quality is absolutely second time none I honestly can’t hold other knives the same I have larger hands and prefer a knife I know is there and can say I feel confident I can survive many situations with a medford and bet my life on it

  4. Corey Ketrow says:

    I have many Medford knives and I love them all. But the M-48 is my new favorite. It is sleek and slim but has that Medford feel! Also this knife came to me sharper than any knife I have ever owned or handled! The blade is gorgeous and the Magnus tip is a genius idea! Best knives in the business!!

  5. Seth Burke says:

    So I am waiting in a line to order to go food and the fella in front has a Medford Knife tshirt on. Me being a gearhead and very fond of sharp shiny expensive knives i took a google gander and have been very impressed with the blade material choice Medford has used. I am a huge fan of cpm s35vn. Absolutely love this blade steel. I am a true Spyderco fan with 25 year old blades i still use. Recently while living in Oregon i picked up many Benchmade and Zero Tolerance knives since i had access to both companies all in s35vn or D2 . As my family has been traveling america this summer i always seek out new designs and materials but have been let down by all the cheap crap out there. Even the old antique sellers are empty-handed. This little trip down a new well built knife company is refreshing. I would put my money towards a Praetorian Slim would do just fine… nice knives… i would appreciate better display pics to show grind bevel or a shot of bearing details and lock engagment details. Etc.

  6. Patrick L says:

    The Medford Nosferatu is an amazing piece of craftsmanship. There is nothing else that compares to to it in the market. Its profile is completely unique and original but also has that haunting appearance of a bad ass knife. The handles are beefy yet slender enough to be comfy in the pocket. Overall I think its my favorite Medford.

  7. Marvin Woodland says:

    I don’t currently own a Medford knife, but I’d like to. The one I’m am quite fond of is the M48 Murdered out of course. I go to Medford knife and tool every now and then and drool while looking at that knife. I am infatuated with that model, I think it is so cool.

  8. Ryan says:

    Two words: THE GENERAL. To quote Norman Schwarzkopf, “I prided myself on being unflappable even in the most chaotic of circumstances.” The second I heard the blade lock into place, I knew this knife would not fail me. The shape of the blade originally grabbed my attention but the stealthy, blacked out configuration solidified my decision to take it home. The star engraved in the scale added a unique touch.

    The General wasn’t my first Medford purchase, and it certainly wasn’t my last, but it will always hold a special spot in my collection. I appreciate Medford for exceeding expectations and confidently producing high quality, American Made knives.

  9. Chris Neale says:

    My pick would be smooth criminal, as all Medford knives are,bullet proof, high quality knives. I see them as heirlooms to be handed down to your children, and grandchildren. Great job Medford!

  10. Jason O'brien says:

    I love the Medford thorn but had to sell mine had some serious car trouble perfect for slicey tasks and also perfect for EDC self defense ,also it’s my birthday tomorrow so fingers crossed

  11. Aaron Carver says:

    I only own one MKT and it is the Slim MIDI. I absolutely love it! I have handled many other Medford’s and the lockup and feel is just like any other Medford. It’s sleek and slim as an EDC, but is tough as nails (as is all MKT’s).
    Thanks for the excellent work, Greg, your team is quite impressive.

  12. Shane says:

    The Arktika is the pinnacle in my opinion. It was a shame to see it discontinued. The handle was perfect in hand, much like the Fat Daddy only with a useful breaker, and the dual ground blade lent itself to some incredibly hard and versatile use. I’d love to see it’s return someday. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a Medford in your pocket.

  13. Justin Kempfer says:

    Love the Marauder! The design is ergonomic and looks good and it’s very well made. Can’t wait to get another one!

  14. James Hurrey says:

    I been wanting a Medford for a long time now but just can’t afford it now My favorite is the infraction. Covid totally killed my business I can’t barely pay my mortgage. Thanks Greg for everything you do good sir.

  15. Seth Andersen says:

    I’ve been fortunate to own multiple Medford’s and love them all. However, if I had to pick just one it would be the Infraction. No such thing as the perfect knife, but this one comes close.

  16. Tyler DeWitt says:

    I bought a Micro Praetorian T full blackout a few years ago, Amy worked with me on making payments on it because I couldn’t afford to buy one right away. Love that damn knife and I really want to get another to go with it!

  17. Bruce J Tappan says:

    I love the fighter flipper! But all of the knives are are super sexy needless to say, and also love watching all of Greg’s YouTube videos!!

  18. Tony Flannery says:

    My favorite has always been the Praetorian, If you could only have one knife in this life mine would be the Praetorian, It’s phat and feels badass in hand, When you have it in your pocket it feels like self defense, Love mine and would not trade it in even for a new one!, Tony

  19. Paul Haskell says:

    I first became aware of Medford Knife and Tool on social media and began researching them as I am a blade enthusiast. While I have never owned one of their knives, I fell in love with the aesthetics of the full sized Praetorian Ti and all the options that are available to customize them. One day I hope to have one of my own!! You guys make beautiful American made knives!!

  20. Jason Griffin says:

    I don’t own one but I’ve got to handle a Praetorian Genesis T and fell in love with it. There was something about the all-metal construction and the no thrills look of it that made me fall in love with it. The weight of everything just felt like America during the Industrial Age. It looked and felt like it was something a machinist made in their off time or something that Homer Hickam would have built in the coal mines machine shop. There’s something about the way it felt, it felt natural and like it was an extension of me kind of like the way a 1911 would feel. The craftsmanship behind it was honestly simple perfection. Nothing over the top and nothing that says look at me. A Medford knife is something that belongs next to a Cabot 1911 or a Precision built bolt gun. One day I’ll have the money to buy one and that thing will be with me everyday. Nothing but Perfection from Medford knife and Tool

  21. Bear Hunting says:

    I received at Pretorian Scout as a gift after my last deployment. Its the stoutest folder I own and is in my bailout bag for those situations where I need to count on it.

  22. Robert Ramos says:

    My favorite MK&T is the Midi Marauder, it’s just so damn sexy and functional. Very few makers can get that perfect balance between form and function, Greg I think figured it out with the Marauder line up. Doesn’t matter if I’m out on the field or opening the wife’s Amazon boxes I always have my Midi Marauder in my pocket. I also appreciate the beautiful grind lines on all of his satin finish blades, his knives are just over all quality.

  23. Damian says:

    My favorite Medford product is the Praetorian Ti. Makes for an excellent shovel, hammer, cinderblock, wheel stop, mating club, counter weight, boat anchor, door wedge, or frying pan. Fine knife.

  24. Paul M Chattin says:

    My micro T is rock solid built like a tank. These aren’t just knives, they’re generational heirlooms. Smooth and precise instruments.

  25. Theron Vinson says:

    I do research on all the knives I custom build and by far one of my favorite knives in my Medford Slim Midi. I had this custom built to my specs and all of the little details are so immaculate. The box it comes in, the bubble wrap, the COA, the Patch, the stickers, even the packet of silica gel to keep the moisture out. Medford has their packaging down pat. It’s not just a tissue paper in a cardboard box. I love that they care enough about thier work to ship in style. Thanks Medford for paying attention to the details.

  26. Ron m. says:

    I’ve been admiring these knives since I stumbled across the praetorian about 3-4 years ago. The design is amazing. Never seen anything like it prior or since. Got my first praetorian shortly after seeing it (could help myself not to buy one). Glad I bought it so. Had been my daily carry since. Holding it, it’s built like a tank! No wiggle in any direction what so ever. Could ask for more out of a knife.

  27. Donald Hill says:

    I have three Medford knives and waiting an a fourth. I would say the Flipper Fighter is my favorite one. When the SHTF it is what I will carrying. Just knock a Commie in the head with that knife they are going down!

  28. Gary Lashewich says:

    Love my Slim Midi. Excellent craftsmanship. EDC always razor sharp. Keep up the great work Medford Crew.

  29. Josh says:

    Hands down the best knife I’ve ever got my hands on was the Praetorian Ti. You know a knife built as well as this, with tolerances that tight won’t let you down on duty.

  30. Ben Angileri says:

    I have owned several MKTs, from the Praetorian Ti, Praetorian T, and Fat Daddy, but I keep coming back to the Praetorian T. Just a great knife, that you can kick ass with!

  31. Lane Helgeson says:

    I’ve only collected knives for a few years now. Last year when I heard about the Medford Micro Praetorian I decided it was time to upgrade my game. I couldn’t believe how well tuned it was right out of the box. Most impressive was the attention of detail and craftsmanship present from every angle. I now own several Medfords. I share my experiences with many of the people I meet and I am always sure to explain to them that a Medford will last them for generations. My sons have already staked out the ones from my collection they want to Ladd to theirs.

  32. Manuel Solorzano says:

    I mean what can I say medford= badass. If you’ve never had a medford or think it’s not for you just get one into your hands because you are not going to be disappointed. My favorite is the medford line period. It to hard to pick just one but I am hoping to some how come across a TBF since they been discontinued. Whoever wins congrats man because your going to enjoy

  33. Jeff Parker says:

    I’ll have to wait and do my review after I win one of these as I don’t own one yet but would like too! They look exceptionally build and best of all made here in the USA!

  34. Lou Stefanou says:

    I’m a Medford Fan Boy, I like overbuilt American Made Knives. Most are in my EDC rotation. I’ve cut my collection down to around 15. Unmatched customer service and support, keeps me buying and collecting Medford’s.

  35. Eric Dodson says:

    I am the proud owner of a Medford Raider. It shaves my crayons on my breakfast toast in the morning so that it’s easier to melt.

  36. Tim K. says:

    Been following Greg Medford since he first started making knives. I was drawn by his outside the box no nonsense overbuild knives. My first knife of his was a Pretorian with camo scales and Phillips screws in D2. That knife was carried on and it for duty and used for things knives shouldn’t be used for! I was so impressed with the fit and finish centered blade, bankvault lockup. His edge are always polished and clean. Makes it easy to maintain on a strop. At this point I’ve owned just about ever knife in the Medford lineup and each time I’m just as impressed as the very first one I owned.

    When Greg started making videos I enjoyed that we are very much in line with our views on the world and state of affairs. This company bleeds patriotism.

  37. T. McGee says:

    I just don’t feel like it would be American to choose just one. The craftsmanship, the community, and that satisfying click… you just can’t go wrong. Gigantes, Panzer, .26 Marauder, TFF-2, Fat Daddy, to the Praetorian Ti, once you’ve handled one, you won’t settle for less.
    (If you pick me, I’m passing the blessing on to someone less fortunate)
    – that annyoying sculptor in the back

  38. Kevin says:

    I own two Praetorian T’s. The craftsmanship is incredible, the blades are sexy and yes they are large but they pocket so well that I carry them often. I definitely recommend MKT.

  39. Robert Ellison says:

    I own 3 medford knives. Slim midi .187 . And micro predotorian. Feel in love with them when I first laid eyes on the full ti predotorian. A co worker had. I’m In several knive groups pages and have always had Greg’s back fuck!the haters. Quality made knives by American company.

  40. Jacqui says:

    I gave my husband a Praetorian T as a wedding gift 6 years ago. For our first wedding anniversary he received a Praetorian Genesis and for our 6th anniversary I gifted him a Micro Praetorian which I feel is his favorite. Love all the knives and would love to win him another or maybe for myself!

  41. Ryan Eggers says:

    The last thing anyone wants is to end up in a knife fight. But if you did find yourself in such a situation, you would probably want the Medford 187 DP in your hand.

    The 187 DP is a beast of a knife. With 3/16th stock used throughout the entire knife there is no other word to describe it. With the 3/16th stock some people may find this overwhelming at first. After carrying it around, it seemed normal, and all the other knives in my rotation seemed small.

    Luckily for the guys with large hands, this knife fills them up. It’s balanced and feels large but not overly so. It’s like being just full enough from a good Chinese food dinner. There is ample jimping (small notches cut into the back of a blade to prevent your fingers from slipping) on the base of the knife, making the grip much more secure. So if your glove size is a medium, you can still feel confident when handling it. There are many knives in my rotation, but nothing comes close to this. It has a perfect combination of thickness, balance, and proportion.
    Each piece of hardware is oversized on this knife just as it is on most all Medford knives. The beautiful pivot screw is a custom 6-hole design. It needs no adjustment as it comes perfect from the factory. Each of the standoff screws is a large 5mm beauty.

    The clip is milled from titanium. If you are one of those people, like myself, that is constantly running into doorframes, wall corners, and other solid objects that “jump out” at you, be warned. Most likely you will be taking chunks out of said wall with this clip– it’s that solid. There is no concern with it bending out of place. Like most knives with meaty clips, there is a worry of it tearing up your pocket or your leather car seats, you will have to use extra care.
    The handles on the 187 DP are composed of rugged tumbled titanium. Medford does this for the longevity and texture of the scales. They can take a heck of a lot of scratches and dings before they even show the slightest sign of use. The frame lock on this locks up like a bank vault. The lock sits on the first quarter of the base of the blade initially. I expect this to shift slightly to the first 1/3 of the base as the knife breaks in.
    This is pretty stiff on the knife but not overbearing. The thumbhole makes opening the knife manageable. Having a knife that is stiff to open gives you the confidence that it will not open in your pocket and slice your fingers up with you go to grab it. The detent (an indentation of the blade that helps keep the blade closed) of the blade nicely seats the blade with only a few millimeters left to close the blade. One comment on the opening of this knife is that it takes some practice. Because of the initial stiffness of the detent, some users might find it difficult to open. This is done on purpose to prevent the knife from coming open in your pocket and sending you to the emergency room. This can be overcome with practice and learning how your knife works.
    There is generous jimping (small notches cut into the back of a blade to prevent your fingers from slipping) on the top of the blade and on the base of the handle. This gives the knife a secure feel in your hand.
    The blade is a beautiful drop point that is PVD coated. There is also a large choil (or a large un-sharpened part of the knife blade that is located where the blade becomes part of the handle) on the underside of the blade for finer cutting work. It didn’t go unnoticed that the blade comes razor sharp with a mirror polish to the cutting edge.
    As expected from a custom knife manufacturer, everything is flawless. The blade is perfectly centered in the knife. The washers on opening and closing are silky smooth, and the lockup is as solid. The frame is as tough as it looks and will take a ton of abuse before showing any sign of use. Medford has a “Do not use any tools/lubrication on your knife. No exceptions” policy. If you are the type of person who likes to customize or tinker with your knives, this is not the maker for you. If you take apart your knife, try and tighten/loosen the screws, or dunk it in WD-40 the warranty is void.

    This knife is meant to be used. The 187 DP is a large folder that carries large but not uncomfortable by any means. It feels similar to an Emerson Commander or like a thick version of a Spyderco Para2 in the pocket. Use it as an EDC to open letters, packages, and to shotgun beers with friends. But rest assured if the worst-case scenario comes to fruition and this tool has to be put to work doing stabby things, it will be a catastrophic event for whoever is on the receiving end.

  42. Thomas P Butler says:

    I own two MKT knives (187 & slim flipper). The only knives I’d consider using if I had to pry the turret off a tank.

  43. Sam Worsham says:

    I currently own 2 Medfords. I have had the fortune of meeting Greg several times at the Blade Show in Atlanta. My personal favorite and quite possibly the best knife I own is the Medford TTF3. It does everything well and is rugged as hell. I’ve beat it to death and it takes everything with a grin. It deploys one handed and fast and holds an edge. I honestly can’t find one negative about it. Some may think it’s a bit large, but I like a beefy folder.

  44. John says:

    I can’t remember how I found Medford Knives, but when I found out that Greg was a Marine, I looked more into the company. I have a custom Marauder-H, a swift suicide, and a fighter. To pick one is like picking your favorite child, while they’re looking at you. The one that’s always been in my pocket is my Marauder-H. It’s a beast, like it’s creator. I’ll have to bring it with me to the grave.

  45. Donald Crowell says:

    I love my fat daddy, if I was lost in the woods and could only have one thing it would be this knife. It can do it all! I also like to pull it out around my liberal friends so I can see the look on there faces. Just Like how Greg likes to pull out the old gigantes around his liberal friends.

  46. Stephen Mills says:

    I am still working on the flip opening of the Proxima so that it is smooth as butter. Its design and heft are extraordinary and carry something primitive or primal through the metals so carefully forged.
    This Proxima is sculpted or scalloped to remind me of the tumbling leaves of the ancient Gingko trees, having walked beneath their clattering leaf-fall when teaching in Tokyo and Kamakura. Only Greg Medford, Gingko leaves and silk can sweep in scoops through air in the manner sculpted on the Proxima – Falling Leaf. This Medford brings me back to a breathtaking experience at dawn in the Emperor’s East Garden where warriors of sword and long bow practiced with me nested among the trees, watching.

  47. Ron Parker says:

    Love the craftsmanship and size of my Gentleman Jack. Perfect for those special events when a slip joint is appropriate.

  48. Hernando Revolver says:

    My current EDC’s are Genesis Praetorians.I switch off between 2 of them and a full size one.Im waiting now for a TFF FatDaddy.It would be nice if Greg would get off his ass and put some out.I cant wait to get mine.
    Attn:Also checkout Two Great MKT Dealers.
    1.The Medford Guy
    2.DLT Trading

  49. A.M. says:

    Medford Knife and Tool’s have become a, often unhealthy, addiction for me. Their current line-up is just as good as the retired beasts. I have several of each. If Greg would make a Wyiper H, I could die knowing my life was complete.

  50. Dean Clark says:

    Gigantes! With an EGA lasered on the finish side. When I know my day is near I can clentch it in my teeth and arrive in Valhalla ready to go! It’s one of the few I don’t have and can’t seem to persuade anyone to part with. Medford doesn’t make a single bad knife…EVER. That’s the one I want.

  51. Gary Fuqua says:

    It’s hard to pick a favorite! Which is why I have so many. If I absolutely HAD to pick one Medford it would be flipper fighter. Yeah, people do give nervous looks when I deploy it but man…what a hunk!! It easily does all the stuff smaller knives do but when you’re in it & you have to have a knife that can be used for the heavy lifting the flipper fighter is the I’d want in my hand! I bought it direct from Azkickr. PVD Blade with their signature groove treatment. The cherry however is the The Marine logo on the dress side!! My family has a long list of military service. Mostly Sailers, but one Army, one Air Force & a couple of Marines!! There’s nothing I can say that you don’t already know but they are the best of the best. First sent out last to pull out. That’s part of the appeal of the flipper fighter. It can take whatever you dish out & grin back at you like “That’s it? That’s all you got?” Go get your friends because you’re going to need them all!!…And by the way, tell them to pack a lunch!!”

  52. David Kuntzi says:

    First off, I admire your service, Thank you. I enjoy and look forward to your blades and rants especially the rants. Ive watched you grow a successful business on YT. God bless.
    Im a 30 + year retired correctional Sergeant, 29 year retired Air Force Master Sergeant (Reserve) and current Civil service employee. Enough about me, this is about all the incredible artwork you’ve produced. (You and your’s)
    Honestly, I could not even bring myself to use any of your knives. I would just carry one and drool everywhere. Truly, keep making these works of art you’ve got it figured out. Peace Brother.

  53. Ben B. Cook says:

    Hello I have a micro praetorion I bought a few years back and I love it !! I use it every day !!You guys have an amazing company and hope you keep it going!!

  54. Stephen d says:

    I started with ti and ended with a micro prae t. I also like the 187dp in s90v. Smooth as butter

  55. Ed Waddell says:

    Happy to support an American company providing jobs to those here in the US. Currently rotating a Marauder H with Vulcan S35 tanto and a contoured 187DP in 20CV both incredible pieces fit and finish has come a long way to be honest since some earlier purchases. I’d love to see a contoured Marauder as that is my favorite model. Keep doing what you’re doing Greg and Amy we love you!

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