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Medford Knife and Tool Air Jack 

When we caught wind of the Air Jack it was a knife we definitely wanted to check out. Why? Because it’s a departure from Medford Knife’s usual large and extremely rugged folders and fixed blades. The Air Jack is more of a gentleman’s pocketknife. It has a slender profile and thin handle that should easily slide into a pocket and at only 1.9 ounces be hardly be noticed. The Air Jack bucks the tactical folder trend by eschewing a pocket clip or means of opening one-handed. It’s even a slip joint! Which for a knife made for cutting tasks that don’t involve stabbing or butchering or emergency egress from vehicles or aircraft, is nice. This is not a dainty knife though. With a blade just over 3 inches and overall length of 7 inches, it’s still a good-sized knife with enough blade length to be quite useful. Nor does the Air Jack skimp on materials, its blade is S35VN and housed in G10 handles available in Black, OD Green and Coyote. MSRP is $325. Specs: blade length 3.1 in.; blade thickness 0.125 in.; overall Length 7 in.; closed length 4 in.; weight 1.9 oz.
SLIM JACK: Medford Knife & Tool Gentleman Jack

Sleek, slim and lightweight, with a blade long enough to slice a watermelon without getting your hand wet, the Medford Knife & Tool Gentleman Jack is a gentleman’s folder in appearance, in feel and in fact. With little effort, its slim blade excelled at cutting nylon kernmantle rope, and at food preparation and slicing thin peels of bark for tinder. The slender handle looks as if it would be uncomfortable, but the edge was so sharp and the grind so slim that little force was required to cut stuff. Hence, the thin handle was not uncomfortable. The slenderness made it easy to carry—we all hardly knew we had a knife in our pocket when carrying it.

With little effort, the slim blade of the Medford Knife & Tool Gentleman Jack excelled at cutting nylon kernmantle rope.

Most folders in this size range tend to be tactical, with black blades and other features the uninformed consider fearsome. This folder, however, is so nice looking, so polished a piece of pocket jewelry, that it’s unlikely to alarm the clueless, which means you could use it in mixed company without getting weird looks.

SPECS: Medford Knife & Tool Gentleman Jack
Blade Length: 3.1”
Blade Steel: CPM S35V stainless
Blade Width: ¾”
Blade Thickness: .125”
Handle Material: Anodized titanium
Action: Slip joint
Closed Length: 4”
Country of Origin: USA
MSRP: $375