6 thoughts on “FJB – Scores of blade enthusiasts came to get a pic at the MKT booth

  1. Joshua Fields says:

    Cool. Since I am a fellow American. And have freedom of speech same as Trumptards. I just wanted to say Fuck Donald Trump. And here is my real name. I don’t hide behind facades. I will never forgive Charlottesville and coming to my peaceful home and attacking homeless blacks and white folks and murdering Heather Heyer.

  2. Jonathan DeFreese says:

    Greg Medford is a racist asshole. The shirts he handed out at Blade Show were disgusting. Greg fails to understand the difference between satire and racism. He is an aggrieved boomer who romances the times of Ronald Regan and how good that was “for our country.” By our country, he means our country of white men. He will never admit this. If there was a Kickstarter to send Greg back in time 40 years, I would gladly contribute. He would get to enjoy the “good old days,” and we would be free of him.

  3. Sgt Fury says:

    GOT YOUR 6, GREG! Fuck the opinions of these beta sheep and keep rocking American style. Not one of these little gender-retarded idiots would ever say a word to our faces. Success is the best revenge! Fuck Joe Biden and all his fans!

  4. Sgt Fury says:

    To the Charlottesville dork: Heather Heyer was an obese Antifa tard who was 2 Twinkies away from a coronary. Fvk BLM/Antifa.

  5. Sgt Fury says:

    Same Jonathan DeFreese who works for Boston Health? Or the gender studies prof at Purdue, which douche? And it’s spelled “Reagan”, you undereducated ape.

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