With approximately 15,000 sq ft of beautiful, naturally

lit “Shactory” space, we intend to deliver. 

Our facility has the feel of an art studio and the room to employ some of the best technology through machinery and meticulous craftsmanship in our country. Our design philosophy extends into the facility in which we craft these awesome tools. Our process involves the most modern American Made CNC equipment: from our OMAX Waterjet to our various HAAS mills; from the Heat Treating furnaces and Datron 3D contouring mill to the old school Okamoto surface grinders we true our stock with.  The rest of our process is done by hand.

The backbone of what makes us a knife company is our blade making, and we do every blade completely by hand. These blades are free hand ground by world-class knife grinding craftsmen using Hog Abrasives and 3M belts. Every guy making knives is a combat veteran that came back to the States and learned the craft here in our facility, in what can also be described as a “knife making school.”


All of this painstaking grinding is done on Burr King grinders, a 100% American Made brand — an attribute that every ingredient going into our product shares, and that we take extreme pride in. Our folding knife cases are made in Colorado and our fixed blade slip cases are hand-sewn in Pennsylvania. Our steel comes from Upstate New York. Our custom made PBrz washers are cut in Long Island and our bearings come out of Illinois. Every spacer, pivot and pivot screw, whether Titanium or stainless steel, is made right here in Phoenix by personal friends of MKT. Even down to the packaging, our product is the result of hardworking Americans.We make our products in-house from start to finish, with absolute attention to every detail and with you… the customer… in mind.  Know that when you purchase a Medford Knife & Tool product, you support an amazing chain of American companies, and are adding to the lives of your fellow countrymen.  You can also be comforted by the fact that we are with you, and provide unparalleled customer service for the life of your Tool.

Our facility is located in the United States, in beautiful, sunny Phoenix, Arizona near the Deer Valley Airport. MKT is surrounded by other small to medium shops and factories in one of the most concentrated manufacturing areas in the state.  World class golf, 5 star cuisine and supreme shopping are only some of the reasons Phoenix is such a desirable vacation destination.   Top that with MKT’s proximity to the nationally renowned Ben Avery Shooting Range (a mere 10 minute drive) and absolutely perfect weather to hop in your two, four or six-seater airplane, and there should be nothing stopping you in making your way to our Shactory.  Come on out and visit us!  Recharge your spirit towards our great nation and revel in the patriotism that breathes life into Medford Knife & Tool.