TBF Breakdown Fighter (GEN II)

From: $1,500.00

Please be advised this is a make to order item that is only run once per year. The TBF (Too Big to Fail) Breakdown Fighter is a nod to the masters and a twist on the ultimate survival Bowie concept. We wanted to do our own version of Jimmy Lyles and Gil Hibbens Rambo styled knives and we think we cranked it up a bit. The S35VN blade itself is amazing with a radical combo grind using flat grinding on the tip for strength and hollow grinding on the main edge for razor sharp use over the years. The serrations are double row and razor sharp. The hardened S35VN hilt is a built-in crowbar and unbelievably tough. Finally, the through-tang knife completely disassembles for thorough cleaning with a single Allen wrench. (As pictured you will see a Gen I TBF. The Gen II knife is exactly the same in size and look but will have an “S” instead of “D” in the stampings as well as more flush fitted handles and hilts; meaning no chamfers between components as they smoothly come together.)