8 thoughts on “That’s a wrap

  1. Jonathan DeFreese says:

    Counterpoint: Greg, you’re a sad little man. Punching down on people working in sweatshops must make you feel like a big man. You’re not. You’re a racist and a coward.

  2. Shawn Simpson/ Ghost_Malone_EDC says:

    Ummm hey Johnny, did you not see the mixture of people in the photograph? Or is this like a “if I don’t look I can’t see it” type of thing? I’m just curious what your angle is here. Liiiiike, do you see the woman on the left hand side there smiling wearing the Medford shirt, which by the way is a good friend of Greg’s and has been on his podcast? Or does she not count and your secretly hiding your own skeletons? Let’s get real here pal, your just one of the many who thinks of there loud enough, then what they say must be true, you know, the type, we call them “Karen’s”. That’s you🫣🤭😲. It doesn’t matter how many of these posts you comment on, and how much you try and claim someone who you actually don’t even know personally is a racist, nobody cares bro/girl/NB/ whatever you claim……nobody who is on this page gives a rats FN ass man. Get a life, a job, and get of moms tit already.

  3. Jonathan DeFreese says:

    No one gives a rats ass on this page? Is that why you posted that novel? Seems like you’re triggered Shawn. Did my comments hit too close to home? Do you really believe that white people who have friends that are people of color cannot me a racist? You’re not that dumb are you? I’m simply pointing out an obvious fact that Greg has been excited to demonstrate consistently if you track his engagement with the public. God knows what he says behind closed doors. This is a public forum. Are you trying to shut down my free speech? I thought that was a no no in the free exchange of ideas. My opinion about Greg is widely held for a reason. The shirts he distributed at blade show were the last straw for me and I’m speaking up. I think you could respect people speaking up for what they believe is right and wrong. I don’t know you and I have no issue with you, brother. Stop defending this stooge. It’s a bad look. So is the obvious transphobia. You’re aware that the stuff you post to the internet lasts forever, right?

  4. Shawn Simpson/ Ghost_Malone_EDC says:

    Yes I 100% believe that if your white and racist you would not in fact have friends of color! Are you not familiar with actual racism? I wrote my so called novel because just like you stated, freedom of speech. Now on the “transphobia” issue, why is it anyone who doesn’t support the lgbtq+ community has some sort of phobia? Enlighten me on that. I don’t support those beliefs or transgender, doesn’t mean I have a phobia, it just means that I have the choice to know what’s right and wrong in my own beliefs. Doesn’t mean you can’t have those beliefs, some people just chose not to agree. It’s actually kinda simple.

  5. Shawn Simpson/ Ghost_Malone_EDC says:

    Better yet, look me up on Instagram, I’m easy to find, and we can have a chat there. I mean here is fine also.

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